Seller Testimonials

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Listed my boat with you at 5.30pm last Saturday, banked cheque for advertised price at 3.30 pm Monday. Pretty impressed with

Gordan, NSW
January, 2013

Thank you for your fabulous site. I advertised my boat before Christmas, I got a lot of enquiries about the boat and yes I also got a few tyre kickers, but you get them when your trying to sell anything. I wasn't expecting to get many enquiries over Christmas and New Years. About a week after new years the phone was running hot with enquiries from all over Australia. One man from Victoria flew up to look at and take the boat for a test run. He bought the boat. I never advertise anywhere else just this site. Am very happy with the outcome. Thanks boat sales.

Darren, NSW
4th February, 2012

I just want to thank the whole team for such a great site and I would highly recommend it to anyone whether they're selling a car, boat, caravan etc... We had quite a lot of calls for the boat we were we would call them...Tyre Kickers, but then again alot of people just asking questions as well as several emails. One person in particular just rang, came down and brought the boat only on Saturday 5th Feb and we were so pleased on how soon we had the boat on the site for and on how quick it sold. I can go on but again........MANY THANX to your team.

Craig, NSW
8th February, 2011