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There’s nothing quite like being given a voice to air your views, share your trials and tribulations, and just plain comment on your favourite pastime. That’s why Boatpoint and Boatsales have now enabled the online discussion and commenting service, Disqus, on our two leading marine websites.
As a valued visitor, you can now comment on our boat reviews, product tests, features and news items. There will be more opinion pieces published at Boatpoint.com.au and Boatsales.com.au from now on. After all, healthy debate is a key part of getting a good outcome. And too often our voices are not heard.
How do you feel about ethanol fuels, the high price of petrol at the waterfront pump, trailerboat parking, your licence and registration fees, the actions of renegade boaters or heavy-handed authorities, not to mention the increasing regulation and insidious spread of marine parks?
Or perhaps you have firsthand experience with a particular model of boat. Maybe it was unpleasant and you want to warn others? More likely, you're completely smitten with your beloved boat and want to share the good times afloat.
Either way, we welcome your feedback on the editorial articles appearing daily at Boatpoint.com.au and Boatsales.com.au. Let us know what you’re thinking and please share your knowledge with our online boating community.

To have your say, just click on the Add New Comment window at the bottom of the article. You can register with your preferred online name or comment as a guest. 

It’s easy. And I'll try my best to moderate and facilitate quick upload of your comments. - David Lockwood, Marine Editor, Boatpoint and Boatsales. 

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To comment on this article click here Published : Thursday, 1 March 2012

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