World first in outboard engine technology

Thanks to some clever new technology called Selective Rotation, the new Suzuki DF300AP can operate in either forward (clockwise) or reverse (anticlockwise) direction. 

This is a world first for any outboard or sterndrive leg, claims Suzuki, and ends the need to purchase separate regular-rotation and counter-rotation outboards for multi-engine set-ups.

Selective Rotation will therefore please boat buyers, dealers and builders as the one engine does the lot. Local importer The Haines Group this month received stock of the new DF300AP.

In standard guise, the new four-stroke outboard operates in regular-clockwise rotation when in forward gear. By changing the gearshift mode and adding a counter-rotational propeller, the same outboard operates just as effectively in counter-rotation mode (anticlockwise). 
In counter-rotation mode, power is transmitted through beefed-up reverse gears, which have the same characteristics as the forward gears, and are now housed in a new gear case. 

Bearings have been modified and there are two water intakes on each side of the gear case -- the current DF300 has just one on each side -- to ensure stable cooling performance at high speeds and during operation in shallow water. 
But it’s by eliminating the differences in specification between regular- and counter-rotation models that Suzuki has achieved a first. The technology won an Innovation Award at this year’s Miami boat show.

The need for counter-rotation on multi-engine rigs includes:
- Less ‘dirty’ water being drawn from each propeller causing cavitation (air around the blade area).
- Reduces the tendency for a boat to list to the starboard due to propeller torque pushing it that way.
- Enables larger boats to manoeuvre at low speed for docking.
- Reduces the harmonics and transfer of hull vibration and noise in the boat.

 The negatives of having a counter-rotation engine are: 
- The resale value of a counter-rotating model engine is far lower than a normal engine.
- Customers do not like purchasing a single counter-rotation engine for their boat.

Suzuki says Selective Rotation will now be introduced back down the horsepower range. The first local boat to be fitted up with the new engines is a repowered Kevalcat. 

The DF300AP retails for $31,750. You can see the new outboard in action on the somewhat lengthy video below. More information from

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